Golden Key International Honor Society 2011 2nd Conference Call Highlights: 10/6/11 (12:04 pm-12:22 pm)

First Order of Business:
Charlin Jones (UT San Antonio) insight on forming alliances with other Honor Societies and Student Organizations on campus for events.

The Honor Alliance program is a community of honor students based on collegiate standards
- Charlin Jones was able to implement an alliance with 9 various honor societies on campus with the Golden Key UTSA chapter
- The way she was able to implement this was by collaborating with the other honor societies and setting up an office space where the officers of these various societies can congregate and share ideas. Also, this is an excellent way to recruit new members to Golden Key that are apart of other honor societies and might be eligible.

* All Chapter Advisors and officers should look into possibly forming an alliance with the various honor programs on their campus in order to work together at accomplishing different service events.

Second Order of Business:
Cynthia Brysch (UH Main Campus) insight on developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) for each Golden Key chapter
* SOP's are put in place to form an organizational structure for planning events, meetings, etc.
- This builds consistency and accountability for both members and officers
- One way to implement this is through a paperwork rubric that can be placed on a monthly calendar. An example of this comes from the monthly layout for UHGK:

- First Wed. of every month there is an officer meeting to discuss the particulars of that month
- Second Wed. of every month there is a members meeting to update members on upcoming events and answer any questions they may have about the organization thus far.
- 3rd week of the month is used to plan and finalize the details for the event of that month.
- 4th week of the month the event takes place.
Third Order of Business: Brittney Burleson (UT San Antonio) discussion on successful event presentation- described by CJ Wilkes

* A member event was held at a local restaurant for the first general meeting at the UTSA chapter.
- There were over 80 members in attendance and several new perspective members.
- A PowerPoint presentation of roughly 20 slides was given during this meeting to talk about managerial aspects of the chapter and development procedures
* If feasible, each GK chapter should look into possibly modeling this meeting form to drum up member attendance.

Fourth Order of Business:
Q&A session with CJ Wilkes and John Dingfelder
* Question: Brittney (Sam Houston) - Who can access the BillHighway account? And is it open for members?
* Answer: There is no need for members to access the account and it is used for financial and budgetary management. The BillHighway system is currently in its transition phase for GK and there will be a meeting held on 10/7 with Headquarters superiors to hash out all of the details and concerns. CJ and John will be in touch after the issues have been resolved.
* Question: Maggie (TSU) - When new members pay their dues do they write the checks out to BillHighway?
* Answer: No, the checks should be written out to Golden key and can also be paid online at the Golden Key website.
* Question: Can honor cords be purchased by a chapter and then given away at no cost to graduating seniors?
* Answer: Feedback will be given at a later time by John Dingfelder. An alternative method could be used by issuing honor cords on a point system for active members. That way, only the active graduating seniors will receive the honor cord at no cost and will save the chapter money.
* Question: Cynthia (UH) - For the make a difference day, can some alterative event be featured other than MADD?
* Answer: This question will be breached in the Headquarters meeting on 10/7 and then followed back up by CJ on Monday.